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Wimpy The Original!

Where to go on a Wednesday afternoon once school’s out? We took to Shrewsbury town and saw Wimpy lighting up Claremont Street. We were instantly drawn in by the very enticing and decadent shakes - Choco Toffee Popcorn? Mango and Butterscotch? Brownie Thickshake? Sold. Needing a little sweet fix, and having not personally had a milkshake in years, these looked and sounded far too tempting. Mango is one my 5 a day too right?

The 3 of us needed no persuasion, we walked in to Wimpy and were greeted by the wonderful staff Barry and Ali. The restaurant is spacious, welcoming, inviting and fun. I instantly wanted to get to know Wimpy more. The interior is fresh, still rich in heritage, nostalgic and uplifting. The bright colours, balloons and diner-esque feel works harmoniously with the lovely chilled vibe as we choose a booth to sit back, dine and unwind.

The service is notably excellent - Barry knows his stuff and gives us the milkshake low down. Everything is made fresh on the spot to order. The table service from Barry and Ali is fantastic. The menu looks extensive and exciting. Side note - the 3 of us are Vegetarians… what’s on offer for dinner to accompany our shakes? We were so very pleasantly surprised to see some delicious looking Vegetarian options - I couldn't believe they offer a Quorn Chicken Burger - it looked amazing and something I’ve yet to see when out and about dining in Shrewsbury and beyond actually. This is exciting stuff for Vegetarians and those wanting to try something different. This was an instant choice along with the Wimpy Spicy Bean Burger with Sweet Potato Fries, yum. So excited by the Quorn Chicken on the menu, I opted for the Spicy Southern Fried Quorn Chicken Salad with Caesar Dressing - a tough choice between that and the Wimpy Mayo.

The menu is superb! Jacket potatoes, toasties, breakfasts - this really is a restaurant for any time of day for all kinds of appetites. The restaurant is open 10-8pm every day of the week and with already feeling so chilled - I could honestly sit here for hours! There’s nothing fast about this restaurant or food. We feel at ease, service is so friendly and attentive, and the forward-thinking menu is impressive and a pleasant surprise.

The Milkshakes arrive one by one having been made fresh to order. We’re quite taken aback by how divine they look! Towering cream, lashings of sauce, brownie chunks and chocolate flakes - oh my word, we’re in heaven. Thank you Barry for the spoons to tackle our mountains of milkshakes!

My Mango and Butterscotch shake is so refreshing, the Choco Toffee Popcorn tastes just like melted creamy popcorn and the Brownie Thick Shake (made using one of Wimpy’s signature Brownies) is sensational. The Milkshakes are an experience of their own. Available to drink in or take out, we will definitely be back for these again. The Mango and Butterscotch will be perfect in the warmer summer months. New shakes are introduced to the menu every month, this time it’s the Brownie Thickshake, so get them while they’re hot…or ice cold!

Our food arrives as we’re devouring our Milkshakes - perfect timing on everything. The dishes look fresh, appetising and so tasty. We cannot wait to dig in! My salad is perfection - sliced Spicy Southern Fried Crumbed Quorn on a bed of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, grated carrot and coleslaw with lemon on the side. The Caesar dressing is paired perfectly with the Quorn Chicken, every bite is so delicious. The Spicy Bean Burger is wholesome, full of fresh lettuce, red onion and tomato while the burger itself is packed with nicely spiced beans in a crispy coating - all served in a healthy wholemeal bun with plenty of mayo. The Sweet Potato Fries are again cooked to perfection. The barbecue sauce with the fries and our Mozzarella Melts are matches made in heaven. Portions are plentiful, everything is packed with flavour. The Southern Fried Quorn Chicken Burger is perfectly balanced with red onion, lettuce, tomato & Wimpy Mayo and is exceptional. Quoted - “This is the best burger I’ve ever tasted!” with Heidi giving it a definite 5 stars and thumbs up. We can’t believe it’s not chicken! A must have for meat free eaters or those looking to try something new.

All of our food is so filling! We can’t stop though - it’s all so good! We notice the desserts, but we feel very satisfied from all of the gorgeous food and milkshakes. The DIY Donuts and Pancake Stacks are there to be sampled next time! In fact, we want to come back and try all the different dishes at different times of the day!

Wimpy is the perfect destination for families. With their booths, table games, tv’s and music there’s plenty of entertainment, but at the same time the atmosphere is laid back, casual and relaxed. A lovely little spot for coffee one morning I’m thinking. The service has been excellent and consistent, it was great to find out more about our food from Barry and Ali and to know that all of our food is cooked fresh to order. It’s also been great to see an array of Vegetarian options on their menu - there really is something for everyone here, their breakfasts are definitely worth checking out too.

Our Wimpy experience has been a wonderful one. It’s refreshing to see their innovative choices and to find out they were the very first burger chain to offer meat free burgers back in 1985. They were also the first brand to sell hamburger meals in the UK in 1954. A brand with lots of impressive history and food stories whilst also being so current and forward thinking. There’s plenty on offer of course for meat eaters too - Wimpy we've discovered is the perfect all-rounder and we will definitely be returning - Thank you Shrewsbury Wimpy, we’ve loved it!


9 Claremont Street



Tel: 01743 354443

F: Wimpy Shrewsbury

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