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The Blue Ginger, Bridgnorth A truly bespoke dining experience

It was a Friday evening my partner and I were ready to switch off, relax and dine, taking to the beautiful town of Bridgnorth to find out about the Blue Ginger Indian Restaurant. We’d heard some wonderful things and we’d had a peek at the menu online and was quite taken aback by their extensive, exciting dishes. We really could not wait to experience the Blue Ginger.

We arrived to such a warm welcome. We instantly felt at ease. The restaurant itself was immaculate, the atmosphere was relaxed but with a buzz too - staff were upbeat, attentive and conscientious - showing great pride in their restaurant and service. We were taken to our table which was laid out and presented beautifully, little touches like these make dining experiences ones to remember. We were offered their menu containing a wide range of drinks; we were instantly drawn to the cocktail menu which we were very impressed by. A refreshing mojito was an instant choice and arrived garnished and decorated colourfully - slices of fruit dressed the glass, so much care had been taken to the finer details, they were beautiful! Invigorating with each ingredient working delightfully together. Its combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus, and mint complimented the kick of the rum - tasting just like Summer. A large bottle of water was delivered to our table, along with a fruit punch style soft drink - another extra touch that was making this dining experience one to remember.

Our poppadoms arrived to the table with the dips and garnishes all looking so very fresh. Chunky onions and tomatoes filled the bowl, our waiter explained every dip and garnish is prepared fresh to order on the spot. Both poppadoms and dips were simply magnificent and probably the best I have ever tasted. With the spice of the lime pickle, the cumin infused onions and the coolness of the raita dip, we couldn’t believe the time and care that had gone in to just the appetisers - all working harmoniously to create a true taste sensation with every bite.

The service here is exceptional. Our waiters were attentive and knowledgeable - creating a great rapport with each table. It was truly wonderful to hear the passion they put in to their dishes. Their sincerity and authenticity was so very inspiring and really enhanced our dining experience.

My partner and I are pescatarians and really do love our seafood, so were totally delighted counting 8 prawn dishes which all sounded incredible. Impressively the menu contained a further 10 fish dishes that included tellapia, sea-bass, monk fish, salmon and tuna. The Blue Ginger menu is unique, forward thinking and like nothing I had ever seen before at an Indian Restaurant.

The extensive menu also contained many vegetable, fusion, traditional, tandoori, biryani and speciality dishes including a real broad range of starters.

We really were spoilt for choice. Unable to pick from the exquisite dishes on offer, we told our waiter our favourite types of fish. He noted our love for saag dishes too. His knowledge and care really was wonderful. We chatted in depth about their ingredients, style of cooking and recommendations. Our waiter suggested an array of fish options for our starter and mains - a truly bespoke dining experience.

Our starters arrived. We were presented with the king prawn puri and monkfish tandoori.

The chunky, juicy king prawns were sensational. Cooked in herbs and spices and sat on the light and fluffy bread - each mouthful was heavenly. This was easily one of the tastiest king prawn puri’s I had ever sampled. My partners monkfish tandoori was served as diced pieces of monkfish lightly spiced and marinated with coriander and ginger sauce which had been flame grilled in the tandoor. The aromas of both of these dishes were unbelievable. His monkfish melted in your mouth - defined, distinctive flavours filled each mouthful – divine!

We took our time to savour each bite. We could have sat there for hours with this beautiful food. Our mains were brought to the table along with the recommended spinach fried rice and our paratha bread. Where do we start?! My main was the exotic salmon: chunks of salmon delicately spiced and marinated in herbs, cooked in ginger, lemongrass, coriander, garlic, fresh chilli, coconut milk sauce and served with lime leaves. This dish was so flavorsome and delicious. My partner had the seabass aloo palak; pan fried in olive oil and cooked with chat masala and black pepper, baby potatoes and spinach leaves. The spinach fried rice was light and fluffy infused with garlic whilst our paratha bread was just gorgeous. A light naan alternative, layered with butter and flour that was both soft and crispy, pairing perfectly with our seafood. We were both so delighted by our mains - The salmon fragrant and creamy, the depths of flavour were incredible and so delectable. The succulent seabass fillets boasted sheer quality, each ingredient and texture created quite simply world class dishes.

The Blue Ginger boasts Indian cuisine of the highest quality. This really is exquisite dining. We agreed that this had been the best Indian cuisine we had ever experienced. Full to the brim from such sensational food, we were recommended desserts to take away with us. A smooth, creamy mango mousse with chunks of papaya and a warm, indulgent slice of chocolate cake - perfect for later! The mousse light and refreshing, the chocolate cake rich and luxurious.

We left the Blue Ginger feeling truly nourished. We cannot speak highly enough of the food and service we received this evening. The restaurant is stunning, the service has been fantastic, the food heavenly - We will most certainly be recommending this restaurant to all and really cannot wait to come back again and again!

Blue Ginger

12 Mill Street


WV15 5AL

Tel: 01746 762111


Facebook: Blue Ginger Bridgnorth

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